Website Design & Development are registered for fixed periods that are subject to renewal. If a customer has selected our "auto-renew" feature for a website design and development or digital marketing , we will attempt to automatically renew the occupied service for approximately 365 days prior to the occupied service expiration date (subject to the terms related to the "auto-renew" feature found in our payment form). If a customer has not selected our "auto-renew" feature for a occupied service for website design, development or digital marketing or mobile application development, we send several communications to customers and/or the agents acting on their behalf to alert them that their occupied services will expire on a certain date.

If a customer does not renew the occupied service by the expiration date, the occupied service (Web design, Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development) is subject to deletion at any time after that date. In an effort to help our customers avoid unintentional deletion of their occupied service, we may, but are not obligated to, provide our customers with a "grace period" after their occupied services expiration date(s) (a "grace period" begins on the day after the date of expiration). We generally provide a grace period that extends 20 days past the expiration date, to allow the renewal of occupied services. During this period a customer can renew a occupied service; however, a grace period is not guaranteed and can change or be eliminated at any time without notice. Consequently, every customer who desires to renew his or her occupied (Web design, Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development) services should do so in advance of the expiration date to avoid any occupied service deletion.